Ps4 Spider Man X Reader

ps4 spider man x reader 2023 October

Who is character X reader?

The reader is a new recruit for the Avengers, and almost instantly becomes friends with Peter; due to their same likeness for the sciences and the fact that they're the... Character x reader imagines with your favourite Spider-Man characters!

How did Peter Parker get his Spider-Man suit back?

He walked towards the closet that had his Spider-Man suit, but Peter grabbed him gently but firmly in the arm, guiding him back in front of him. "Uh uh," Peter said. "Remember, I'm covering patrol tonight."

What is the MCU Spider-Man origin story?

In this story the reader is going to be Spider-Man within the MCU and his origin story will take place inbetween Iron-Man 1 and Iron-Man 2. This story will go over the reader's Spider-Man origin story up until Avengers Endgame. This orgin story will not be the same as Peter Parkers Spider-Man, but some elements will be similar.

How old is y/n l/n in Spider-Man?

Spider-Man Male Reader Insert X MCU 88 parts Complete Mature 88 parts Complete Mature So in this story, Y/N L/N is a 14 year old normal kid until one day changes everything. In a world... Tom Holland and Peter Parker one-shots 200 parts Ongoing 200 parts Ongoing