Quick Lock Tubing

quick lock tubing 2023 October

What is quick lock compressed air piping?

Simply stated there is no equal! Quick-Lock Compressed Air Piping is a modular compressed air piping system made of 100% metal. You only install components you need and can size your system using exactly the dimensions and specs you need.

What is lock-and-seal tubing?

The revolutionary lock-and-seal design ensures a totally safe and leak-free structure for all applications. This tubing is designed for compressed air, inert gasses, vacuum, automotive, and manufacturing applications. Champion offers a total solution for Compressed Air, Vacuum, Nitrogen and Inert Gas applications.

What is quick-lock pipe repair?

Positioned by a crawler and expanded pneumatically, Quick-Lock’s rehab sleeve provides structural, trenchless pipe repair with heavy-gauge 316L stainless steel, plus infiltration abatement with an EPDM rubber gasket. Quick-Lock solves: Infiltration. Longitudinal cracks. Circumferential cracks. Holes. Separated joints. Offset joints.

What is quick lock?

Quick-Lock is chemically resistant against sewage, thinned acids, lye, and aromatic and chlorinated hydrocarbons. Quick-Lock sleeves are available in diameters ranging 6–32”, and in lengths of 16”, 19″ and 20”. Multiple sleeves can be interleaved to perform longer repairs.