shaving cream bath paint

Shaving cream bath paint is a fun and creative way for kids to enjoy their bath time. Made from a mixture of shaving cream and food coloring, it can be used to create colorful designs on the walls of the bathtub. Not only is it a great way to engage children’s imaginations, but it is also a gentle and safe alternative to traditional bath paints. It is easy to make and use, and it creates a thick, creamy lather that children can play with and enjoy. Shaving cream bath paint is a fun and simple way to bring a little bit of color and creativity to bath time.


How to Make DIY Shaving Cream Bath Paint

Making DIY shaving cream bath paint is a quick and simple process that requires only a few household ingredients. Here is a basic recipe to get started:


  • Shaving cream
  • Food coloring
  • Bowls for mixing


  1. In each bowl, mix a different color of food coloring into a generous amount of shaving cream.
  2. Mix well until the color is evenly distributed throughout the shaving cream.
  3. Transfer each color of shaving cream into separate squeeze bottles or small containers with a lid.
  4. To use, squirt the shaving cream onto the walls of the bathtub and let your child create designs and patterns with their hands or toys.
  5. When finished, simply rinse the tub with water.

Note: It’s important to supervise children while using this product to avoid any accidental ingestions or eye irritation. Also, make sure to check the ingredients of the shaving cream you use to ensure it is safe for children’s skin.

How to Prevent Staining

While shaving cream bath paint is a fun and safe activity, it can sometimes leave behind stains on the tub or tiles. Here are some tips to prevent staining:

  1. Use white, non-gel shaving cream. Some colored or scented shaving creams may contain ingredients that can cause staining.
  2. Avoid using dark food coloring. Darker colors, such as blue or purple, are more likely to cause staining than lighter colors like pink or yellow.
  3. Rinse the tub immediately after use. The longer the shaving cream paint sits, the harder it will be to remove. Rinse the tub thoroughly with water to remove as much of the paint as possible.
  4. Use a mild cleanser. If there are any remaining stains, a gentle cleanser such as baking soda or white vinegar can help remove them. Simply apply a small amount to a damp cloth and rub gently on the stained area.
  5. Avoid using abrasive sponges or brushes. Scrubbing with rough materials can cause scratches that may trap the stain and make it harder to remove.

By following these tips, you can help prevent staining and keep your tub looking clean and fresh after every bath paint session.