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Does TMJ cause dizziness?

Some people who suffer from TMJ disorder say that they also experience dizziness. Others actually have the symptoms of vertigo or whirling, spinning dizziness. Aside from TMJ pain, they also have the following:

Can orthodontics help with Vertigo from TMJ?

It’s used to treat vertigo from TMJ disorder that is a result of jaw displacement. The orthodontic realigns the jaw and takes the pressure off the bones and contents of the inner ear that may have been causing the dizziness. This method of treatment has proven to be an effective method of providing relief to vertigo from TMJ.

Why do TMD Patients feel dizzy?

TMD patients often report feeling dizzy or experience an uncomfortable whirling sensation. When they feel dizzy, they are put in danger of losing their balance and falling over and getting injured further. There are sensors within your inner ear that continuously monitor the body’s position and response to gravity.

What causes ear and jaw pain dizziness?

If the cause of your ear and jaw pain dizziness is a result of inflammation to your TMJ, then modalities need to be put in place to prevent further damage to the joint. These may include prevention or reduction of bruxism, clenching of the jaw, and also bite realignment amongst other things.